Psychic Sarah

Sarah is a 5th generation psychic who has been utilizing her gifts since childhood. She was a featured reader at the White Rose and PJ Rock and Gems.  She has also been featured in psychic fairs. Sarah also teaches 'Building your Intution' a series of workshops, and Mediumship Development.  She is proficient in: 

  • Intuitive tarot
  • Spiritualist Mediumship
  •  Tea Leaves 
  • Palm Reading 

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Q: How do I get ready for a reading?
A: Spend some time thinking what do you want to get out of your reading.  Do you have specific topics you want covered? Specific questions? Then write them down and bring them with you.  You may think you will remember but in the moment while we are covering a lot of ground it's easy to forget.  Also think about recording your reading.  It is free and encouraged to record.  A lot of ground is covered quickly and it's easy to forget what was said.  Recording can help you go back and remind yourself.  Most people us an app on there cell phone to record, just be familiar with the app before coming to the reading so you know how to use it. 
Q: How do I develop my own psychic gifts?
A: First off meditate.  Go within.  You can meditate to my meditations (see my page) or to a piece of music, or to your own breath, or while moving.  Find a type of meditation practice that fits well for you.  Second try a development class.  I teach classes in many topics. Message me or check my facebook page for the updated list of dates.