Psychic Sarah

Sarah is a 5th generation psychic who has been utilizing her gifts since childhood. She was a featured reader at the White Rose and PJ Rock and Gems.  She has also been featured in psychic fairs. Sarah also teaches 'Building your Intution' a series of workshops, and Mediumship Development.  She is proficient in: 

  • Intuitive tarot
  • Spiritualist Mediumship
  •  Tea Leaves 
  • Palm Reading 

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7 Weeks to Psychic
September 15th to November 2nd 2019

Do you have "gut instincts" or a "feeling" and want to learn how to tap into those better? Do you want to build good habits to live more from your intuition? Want the convenience of learning online?

Come work with Psychic Sarah in a fun, relaxed environment and learn how to build your Psychic Skills. Every Week view a new topic video posted on Sunday. Hear the lesson, do a meditation, and participate in the challenges and games. Access to a fun supportive private Facebook group to share experiences. Three live Q and A Sessions.  

Mediumship Bootcamp
September 1st to 28th
October 6th to November 2nd

Come work on your mediumship skills in fun relaxed environment. Challenges, games, and meditations posted Sunday and Wednesdays. Access to a fun supportive private Facebook group. Two live scheduled readings. Discounted rate to attend an in person Mediumship class. 

payment accepted via PayPal or etransfer